Sunday, November 24, 2019

Online Phonics Programs: #1 Way To Teach Kids To Read

Online Phonics Programs

If you would like to help your child learn to read, but are overwhelmed by all the educational terminology, this may help. Most parents understand the concept of phonics - the correlation of one sound to one or more letters. For example: the letters 'c' 'k' and 'ck' all make the [k] sound. However, there are two types of phonics: Synthetic Phonics and Analytical Phonics. Synthetic Phonics is the concept of teaching reading by first teaching one letter corresponding to one sound, without teaching all the exceptions and complications, then blending those sounds together in words. Analytical Phonics (aka Implicit Phonics or Whole Word) does the opposite. It moves from the whole word to the parts. This approach was widely embraced and then abandoned by the educational communities in both the U. K. and the U.S. within the last twenty years.


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